About us

What does "SPARSH THE NATURE" means?

Sparsh is a Sanskrit/Indian term that is translated as “contact”, “touch”, “sensation”, “sense impression”, etc. It is defined as the coming together of three factors: the sense organ, the sense object, and the sense consciousness. For example, contact (sparsh) is said to occur at the coming together of the eye organ, a visual object, and the visual sense consciousness.

So we are here with all our Handmade Bath & Body Care products made of ingredients derived direct from “NATURE”, so we are giving your body the touch of nature in form of all Natural Products includes your Skin Care, Hair Care & Body Care.

We are leading the brand “Sparsh The Nature” forward with passion for creating vegan, ethical, and premium products.

What sets us apart from the rest are the textures, scents and designs of our products. It’s a blend of these high efficacy and unique sensations that we’re known for.

We create moments and experiences that enhance every aspect of your self-care regime, and we have something for everyone.



Much like a chef handpicks fresh ingredients for any dish, we at Sparsh The Nature formulate and manufacture every product with utmost finesse and attention to detail.Backed by science-led innovation and powered by the goodness of plants, every product begins its journey in our workspace and is then crafted to meet our quality standards.We are a team of diverse leaders, scientists, creative thinkers, and innovators who work together to create an exceptional brand experience that is truly enjoyable.

Our founders work with the brand every day to fulfill their ultimate dream of providing experiences that transform your self-care regime.